USAID APIK project is implemented by consorsium which consist of: 


1. Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI)

With 37 years of extensive multi-district, multi-office project management experience in Indonesia, as well as climate adaptation qualifications in the Mekong, the Pacific Islands, Central America, and Indonesia.


2. Mercy Corps Indonesia

Indonesian non-profit organization that focus on community development, climate adaptation, and disaster preparedness. Associated with Mercy Corps International, which has worked in Indonesia for 16 years. 


3. PT Geo Enviro Omega

Indonesian tech firm focused on data systems, spatial analysis and risk management. 


4. International Research Institute, Columbia University


Expertise in climate modeling, agricultural adaptation, and decision-support tools. 


5. Spatial Development International LLC (Spatial Dev)

A small business based in United States specializing in information visualization using web and mobile technologies.


6. National Center for Atmospheric Research

Expert in development of national meteorological services and climate information platforms.