APIK Team are consists of passionate individuals who thrive to address climate change and reduce disaster risk in Indonesia. They are:

Chief of Party  Paul Jeffery
Deputy Chief of Party Agus Hernadi
Director of Finance and Operations Hanny Ong
Climate Change Governance Advisor Ari Mochamad
Climate Change Adaptation Advisor Raphael M. Anindito
Monitoring and Evaluation Manager Muhammad Aulia Rahman
Climate Information Services Advisor Mohammad Fadli
Disaster Risk Reduction Advisor Panjitresna Prawiradiputra
Community-based Climate Change Adaptation Advisor Suryani Amin
Private Sector Engagement Advisor Hidayatullah Banjari
IT Specialist Rispan Afrialdi
Finance Officer Lisa Novita Lasut
Fund Manager Lidya R. Manganti
Senior Procurement Officer Kusumaningdyah Eka 
Administrative Officer Andri Ferdiansyah
Finance and Human Resources Assistant Syarifah Ade Mutia
Gender Specialist Irmia Fitriyah
Spatial Planning Advisor Danan Hadi Prasetyo
Communication, Outreach, and Knowledge Management Specialist Sheila Kartika
Communication, Outreach, and Knowledge Management Assistant Shinta Purnama Sarie
GIS Specialist Nofaldi
Finance Assistant Ashri Imansari
Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant Devi Farisyah
RAN API Project Manager Putra Dwitama
Government Liaison Assistant Debora Silitonga
Office Assistant Ahmad Supryandi
Driver Suparno
Regional Maluku  
Regional Manager Willy Wicaksono
Accountant/ Office Manager Susanti De Fretes
Administrative Assistant Jean Latumahina
Community Based Adaptation Specialist Maun Kusnandar
Governance/ Institutional Strengthening Specialist Desi Patty
Field Coordinator Nurhanna
Field Coordinator Diaman
Field Coordinator Ahmad Sahubawa
Field Coordinator Usman Laputi
Field Coordinator Janny Hattu
Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist Natalia Luciana Tehuajo
GIS Specialist Imam Munandar
Regional Jawa Timur  
Regional Manager Ardanti Sutarto
Accountant/ Office Manager Catur Rukmiyanti
Finance Assistant  Sandra Listiana
Administrative Assistant Maureen Tuhatu
Community Based Adaptation Specialist Wahyu Sutisna
Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist Yovianus Toni Sakera
GIS Specialist Erstayudha Hayyu Nurrizqi
Governance/ Institutional Strengthening Specialist Herry Susanto
Field Coordinator Estu Widyawati
Field Coordinator Dwi Prihanto
Field Coordinator Hairil Hidayatullah
Field Coordinator Hermawan Meidy Kurnianto
Field Coordinator Lina Irawati
Field Coordinator Moch. Syaiful Rizal
Field Coordinator Muhammad Ibrahim
Field Coordinator Khusnul Khotimah
Field Coordinator Upi Gufiroh
Regional Sulawesi Tenggara  
Regional Manager  Buttu Madika
Accountant/ Office Manager Muhammad Farid
Administrative Assistant Diah Alfa Saadah
Governance/ Institutional Strengthening Specialist Dianna Chaidir
Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist Andi Ikhsan
Field Coordinator Megawati
Field Coordinator Sitti Zahara
Field Coordinator Sasliansyah
Field Coordinator Sitti Haryani Kadir
Community Based Adaptation Specialist Rasyid Rasiki
GIS Specialist Urban El Fatih